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In this Q & A about Lost Planet 2, courtesy of XCN – Capcom discusses customisation, new weapons, plans for DLC, Project Natal and more.

How has the world of E.D.N. III changed in the 10 years since the events of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition?
Capcom: The whole environment of the planet has completely changed due to global warming and as a result of this; animals and plants that were introduced by the humans began to flourish.
However, the humans are still not used to this dramatic change from the extreme cold condition that has started up diversification of the ecology. Whilst the lives of the people did become a little easier thanks to this warmer climate, the rapid change also brought new threats and dangers.
How far does customisation go in Lost Planet 2?
Capcom: To create a truly individual look for your character you can change the body parts and backpack and there are dozens of different types and colour variants available. Weapon load outs, including grenades, can also be modified according to category prior to starting the game. In addition, there are eight different types of emote poses with more than 100 variations. Each character also has two slots for skill sets where players can allocate preferred abilities. All of the above can be unlocked by earning points or earning achievements. We are also considering additional contents through DLC later on.
The Lost Planet 2 campaign is told in episodes, a trend emerging in many new games. How does this strengthen the story?
Capcom: We have decided to adopt this method because the players can look at the various events happening on the planet from different perspectives and get a real sense for the action on a planetary scale. This has the added benefit of making the gameplay more dynamic and exciting as we introduce new environments and enemies.

The snow’s out and now we’re in tropical jungles. How was it developing a totally new environment for Lost Planet 2?

Capcom: In order to incorporate the new ideas inside the game, we had to version up the MT Framework engine itself. As a result, the increased processing power allowed us to use more geometry and filters, it was also useful for working on improved AI. But please bear in mind, the Jungle is only one of the varied environments that the player will encounter during Lost Planet 2.
We saw Marcus and Dom from Gears of War in one of the trailers for Lost Planet 2. How was it to work with Epic to put these characters in the customisation options for Lost Planet 2?
Capcom: It was an exciting experience! We are all inspired by all the creations that Epic has released so far. Therefore, it was an honour to welcome those two famous characters in our game. I would like to thank Epic once again for giving us permission so readily.
What new weapons will we see in Lost Planet 2?
Capcom: The biggest innovation is a new class of support weapons – these are developed to be used to protect not only yourself but also your co-op friends. The abilities are varied depending on what you select, from a shield to protect yourself from attacks, one to recover your health and to the radar which would show you the location of the enemies.
What enemies can we expect in Lost Planet 2?
Capcom: What I can say here is that we still have Snow Pirates, VSs and AKs. And all of them have made enormous progress through evolution.
Do you have any plans for downloadable content?
Capcom: At the moment, we’re planning to create some costumes that are always popular by the LP fans. But we would like to think about something more in the future.
Do you think Natal could be integrated into shooters like Lost Planet 2?
Capcom: I think it can be used for a shooter game. Unfortunately, it would be a bit late for LP2 since the game requires a design with Natal support in mind.
Does Capcom have any other plans for Project Natal?
Capcom: Capcom is always up to a challenge, especially, as far as a new technology is concerned. However, we don’t have any projects we can tell you about at the moment.
Do you think the Lost Planet franchise has the potential to be adapted for film?
Capcom: Actually we have already announced a film adaptation is in the works so watch this space.

Lost Planet 2 is set to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 11th of May around the world.

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