Lovefilm To Cease Game Rentals On August 8th For All Customers


Lovefilm, the DVD and game rental service, have apparently confirmed to a number of customers that they are ceasing the game portion of their service on August 8th.

The news broke last week that they were discontinuing the service for new and lapsed users who want to sign up again, but according to a Eurogamer report, a number of customer service representatives have confirmed that they will stop sending games out to all users in a month’s time.

With very little competition for this style of rental, it will be interesting to see what happens to the rental market in the run up to, and start of, the next generation. Personally, I think this might have been a decision based around the Xbox One reveal and the initial restrictions surrounding rented games. In spite of the changes in Microsoft’s policies, I wonder if they’ve possibly been a bit spooked at the hints for the future?

Let us know what you think below. Did you use Lovefilm for games? Will you be cancelling your service following this news?

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