MAG DLC Coming Next Week


Just a quick heads-up to let you know that Zippers MAG (Massive Action Game), the Playstation 3 Online Shooter, the first to boast a gigantic 256 players online, will recieve its first Downloadable Content from the PlayStation Network next Thursday March 25th, but get your wallets ready as it will cost a whopping……. oh wait, its free. Yep, its nice to see a developer release DLC free of charge for a pleasant change. Hopefully other developers might follow suit, but i somehow doubt it.

Anyway, the pack, or “Trooper Gear Pack” to be exact, will contain new LMG & SMG weapons, new uniforms and flashbangs. If thats not enough, Zipper also threw in a Double XP next weekend to celebrate.  I have to say, kudos to Zipper.

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Now, back to God of War III…

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