Magicka PVP Mode Released


Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios, known for their hilarious yet budget trailers, have just released PVP mode for their hit game Magicka. For those of you who are new to the charming title, Magicka is a top down action RPG where the player enters the role of different coloured wizards to fend off against all sorts of monsters and ghouls. Combining the different elements such as fire, water, earth and air results in different spells for you to gruesomely blow apart your foes, allowing a huge amount of possibilities.

The real fun however, begins when you play Magicka in CO-OP mode. Flawlessly timing your spells with mates to take down even the biggest brute is an extremely rewarding experience. Having one pal cast a rain spell while another charges up some chain lighting is, as you can imagine, one of the many devastating combinations. Like many CO-OP experiences, it doesn’t always go to plan. Friendly fire is of abundance in the realm of Magicka, and as a result of this I have experienced the most hilarious moments in my gaming lifetime. Charging up a powerful arcane and lightning beam, only to have it ricochet off an obstacle and instagib your mate is like farting on a bus. You feel embarrassed and naughty at first, but after a few seconds it’s bloody hilarious, and with Magickas new PVP mode and arenas, setting your chums on fire is no longer frowned upon.

Below you will find the two latest trailers promoting this fantastic new mode.

Magicka PVP Trailer


Magicka PVP E3 Trailer


Magicka is available on the steam store, why not grab a 4 pack (of the game, but mixing beer and Magicka results in hilarity) and show your friends whose the king spell slinger.

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