"Major PS3 Exclusive" Set To Be Unveiled On May 2nd


JeuxVideo has stated they are going to reveal a “major PS3 exclusive” via a live video show on May 2nd.

The post on the website doesn’t stated or even hint at what game they will be unveiling, but it’s possible it could be the LittleBigPlanet MMO that was unearthed by SixthAxis yesterday.

Whatever this “major PS3 exclusive” is, we’ll all know it’s identity when JeuxVideo’s live show begins at 7:30pm on May 2nd.

With this and the reveal of what is sure to be God of War IV on April 19th, it’s interesting that Sony are going to unveil a couple of new titles before their much anticipated E3 conference. Are they going too early, or is it a case of them going big with other announcements during their conference? What do you think? Let us know via the comments section below.

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