Man Ships Himself While Playing Game


Some offbeat news for you now. A man is shipping himself over 2,000 miles whilst playing Lord of the Rings Online, which will be his only point of contact with the outside world.

Jordan Wayne Long will begin his journey in Bald Knob, Arkansas, yes…Bald Knob, ending up in Portland, Oregon. The trip is going to take 7 days, covering a total distance of 2,100 miles. He will be documenting his escapade through social networking sites such as twitter and his personal blog, powering his PC with battery packs. He claims it’s an experiment to gain a deeper insight into Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but personally we can’t really make the connection between sitting in a box with your own excrement for 7 days playing an MMORPG and a disorder commonly found in war veterans.

Jordan Wayne Long’s portable gaming room


Regardless, we will definitely be keeping up with the latest updates from his tiny wooden command centre.


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