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Marcel Kuhn Makes A Statement


Look at his rage, just look at it! It’s a good job I’ve got a wireless keyboard because I’m trembling in fear under the bed whilst I type this!

The man behind next-gen FIFA 10’s Manager Mode, Mr. Marcel Kuhn, has made a statement on the EA Dev Team Lobby forum regarding the veritable mountain of MM complaints this year (most of them compiled by yours truly).

To be completely blunt, I’m glad a statement has been made, but I’m still extremely disappointed with the fact that we’re being left with the game the way that it is now (bearing in mind that even after the last patch, 2 v AI games will randomly freeze and switching club results in the millions of debt bug – amongst other things).

Anyway, you can read the statement in full by clicking the read more button below.

There has been a lot of feedback since we released FIFA 10, and it took me a while to comb through all of it. At this point, I just wanted to let you know that I’m reading ALL of your posts and thank you for all your comments. We are very committed to follow-through on our multi-year plan to make a kick-ass Manager Mode, and together we will get there.

We’ve completed the first step, and we’ve added many features to the mode for FIFA 10. I’ve been frank so far, and I will openly admit that we’ve outpaced ourselves a little bit. As a result, even the two updates we’ve released have not allowed us to find and fix all the issues that are still lingering in the code we’ve inherited. As time goes by, we will re-write more of the fundamental subsystems that drive the mode, and further increase its quality and depth.

With that all being said, I’ve completed several play-throughs (simming, playing and both combined) and have talked to many people who’ve invested some time in the mode. Bottom line is that we’ve delivered a definite improvement over last years’ mode with FIFA 10, and I hope you are able to enjoy the changes as well, despite some of its current shortcomings.

See you out there,

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