Mario Kart 7 Update Available Today


Tired of players exploit shortcuts on certain courses when playing Mario Kart 7 online? Well, you’ll be happy to know that Nintendo has today released a update that will rectify the issue.

The update, a free download via the Nintendo eShop, will eliminate the ability to exploit shortcuts when playing online multiplayer on the courses “Wuhu Island Loop,” “Wuhu Mountain Loop,” and “GBA Bowser Castle 1”.

You’ll need to make sure your Nintendo 3DS is up to date before downloading the update. If it isn’t, your 3DS will explode. Kidding! Your 3DS will not explode, you just won’t be able to download the update.

If you don’t download the Mario Kart 7 update, you’ll no longer be able to play online multiplayer. No need to worry though, as if is you’re unable to update immediately, you’ll still be able to play local multiplayer and single player races.


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