Mario Kart Tour coming to iOS and Android September 25th


Bluetooth? More like Blue Shell. Right? Guys?

Mario Kart is finally coming to mobile phones next month in the form of Mario Kart Tour. The free-to-play game will let you race across tracks familiar to fans of Mario Kart but also ones based on real-world locations. The trailer for Mario Kart Tour can be seen in all its vertical glory below and it strangely looks like a fully-fledged Mario Kart game.

More info can be found over on the Official Mario Kart Tour website including a short video showcasing a feature plucked straight from Forza Horizon – a combo meter. The following quote:

“Put powerful items to use as you tear up the track and go for a high score!”

indicates that Mario Kart Tour won’t just be about placing in pole position and will instead be points based? Maybe it’s a separate game mode? Who knows? I don’t. But one thing is for certain, there’s obviously going to be a twist somewhere along the line because a free-to-play mobile game that looks this good doesn’t exist without one. Let’s hope it’s not some bullshit energy mechanic else I’ll be dropping this harder than a Thwomp on acid.

Pre-orders for this free game have gone live on iOS, further indicating that the world has indeed gone mad.


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