Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta test taking place in December


I’ll take one £5 beta, please

Despite being everything I hate about mobile games, Mario Kart Tour appears to be doing alright for itself, racking up over 120 million downloads in its first week. It’s kinda like my sole opinion doesn’t dictate the opinions of others, weird right? That’s a lot of players and it looks like those players will be treated to a new game mode soon!

That’s right, real-time multiplayer is finally coming to Mario Kart Tour and the beta of which starts in December (2019). There is a catch, however. The beta is only available for those that have a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass, you know, the in-game purchase which costs £4.99 a month… Still, at least it gives you a bit of value for your £5 sub, eh?

It’s safe to assume that this locked down beta is merely just to test against a smaller user-base rather than opening up to millions at once. It’s also likely that this game mode will be available for all players once the tests have taken place.

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