Marvel: LEGO Deal Was 'This Close'


You love LEGO, you love video games, why not put them together?

Games such as, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Batman, the list goes on.

Traveller’s Tales were “THIS close” to sealing a deal that would have allowed them to produce one of their LEGO titles based upon the world of Marvel Comics, Jon Burton, Director of TT Games and Head Designer of the LEGO series, has revealed today.

Such plans were however thwarted by an exclusive deal that Marvel had signed with Megabloks for the rights to Spider-man, meaning that the developer could not start work on converting some of the iconic Comic Book super heroes into LEGO form.

Burton commented earlier today, “We were THIS close to a Marvel LEGO a few years ago but Megabloks did an exclusive deal for Spider-man so that was that…”

The clear success of the developer’s LEGO titles based upon such blockbuster universes as Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones is unquestionable, with the magical world of Harry Potter receiving the same treatment in just a few months time. A further Star Wars based title has also been announced back in February, with the company extending their partnership with LEGO until 2016.

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