Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Razer Peripherals Revealed


Razer USA has revealed a range of Collector’s Edition Mass Effect 3 peripherals that will be available to buy when the game launches in March.

Each peripheral includes a free in-game ‘Collector Assault Rifle’ through DLC. Razer said the following about the new Collector’s Edition items;

“The Razer Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition peripherals and gear come with a redeemable code to unlock bonus item packs for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, including the deadly Collector Assault Rifle to give you a leg up on the Reaper invasion. If you have already unlocked the Collector Assault Rifle, this code will strengthen the weapon further.”

Check out the items that will be available to buy when the game launches, below.

  • Razer Imperator gaming mouse ($79.99)
  • Razer Vespula dual-sided gaming mouse mat ($34.99)
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard ($139.99)
  • Razer Onza Tournament Edition Xbox 360 controller ($59.99)
  • Razer Chimaera Xbox 360 gaming headset ($209.99)
  • iPhone 4/4S protection case ($34.99)
  • N7 messenger bag ($79.99)

Source: Razer.

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