Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Event Will Unlock Resurgence Class


The next Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event is codenamed “Operation Resurgence” and will unlock a random class from the recent Resurgence DLC pack.

Recent events which tasked players with goals such as killing Brutes and promoting level 20 characters have been a success, with the multiplayer community coming together to smash the targets set before them.

To claim your very own Resurgence pack which of course includes a random Resurgence class, you will need to participate in some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend with the free DLC installed. 10% experience bonuses will also be active on Firebase: Condor and Firebase: Hydra maps for the duration of the weekend event.

The event is set to run from 5pm PST on Friday until 5am PST on Monday, with loot filled Resurgence packs expected a day or so later.

For some reason Sony are not playing ball with Bioware on this particular event so it is only open to Xbox 360 and PC players.

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