Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Events Set to Come Around Every Other Week


For the Last Month and a bit, Xbox 360 players have been enjoying Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Events, known as N7 Operations, every weekend. Bioware have now announced that the N7 Operations will be given a new rotation and arrive on our gaming doors every other weekend.

Fear not recruits! The method to the madness behind this, according to the BioWare blog, is that the N7 Operations are so popular, BioWare want to ensure that they deliver the best possible experience for any and every brave soldier defending the galaxy.

Pervious N7 Operations have given oppertunities for players to gain greater experience, or cheaper supply packs from the in-game store. Last week players who Downloaded the new Resurgence content, were gifted a recruitment pack that unlocked one of the new classes released with said new dlc.

Let us know what you think readers! Do you enjoy the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer? What would you like to see from future N7 operations? The generosity of BioWare has so far been great so with an extra week to prepare, the fortnightly N7 operations should continue to be masses of effective fun! – I am so, so, sorry.

Source: VG24/7

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