The Master Thief Competition Revealed


Edios Montreal, the team behind Thief have today launched a competition looking to reward two ‘Real Master Thieves’ with a top spec gaming PC.

The PC will be provided by AMD, and to enter players need to upload a YouTube video. The criteria is as follows:

  • The first gaming PC supplied by AMD will be won by the very best video out there, whether it’s funny, silly, clever, creative, controversial or comical – whatever you choose; the video that entertains us the most will win!
  • The second gaming PC supplied by AMD will be won by the person who uploads the most impressive Master Thief video; the very best, most innovative, most Master Thief-ery video out there. Will you leap around in the shadows unnoticed and clear an area of loot in the quickest time possible? Will you be a predator and clear an entire area of guards in a few moves? Will you do a bit of both? The choice is yours!
  • The only thing we ask is that your video has the following words in the title “The Master Thief Competition”. That’s it.

A new Yogscast has also been released, alongside a new behind-the-scenes video.  The real-life, building-hopping Garrett The Mater Thief is played by none other than James Kingston, the UK based nutter who you may have seen hanging from a crane recently. James Kingston’s fame as the face of urban free-climbing has been snowballing ever since his crane-hang stunt hit the internet, recently starring in Channel 4’s ‘Don’t Look Down’ documentary in the UK.

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