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Mauling to Master League


Wow, we were battered last night. 7-2. Not a nice feeling I can tell you.

But every Milan fan will probably tell you while an embarrassment wasn’t predicted, a loss certainly was. Even before injuries decimated our squad, we all knew Man UTD were the stronger team and any positive result would be quite an achievement. As the match finished those problems came to the fore, and with it my desire to fix them. Where else to start, than PES ML.

In many ways building a team with individuals is something unique to PES, and something the FIFA series hasn’t got to grips with. Manual control? No chance, I prefer to feel the difference between players, and for their attributes to be key – apart from strength and speed. For Milan missed a true goal scorer, someone who can score 20+ in a season. Not a tricky player (Dinho), or a young quick threat (Pato), someone in the Van Nistelrooy mould.

Then there’s a goalkeeper, Dida and Abbiati keep competing to see who can do worse rather than better. And even when the likes of Seedorf, Zambrotta, Nesta and Oddo are fully fit, there’s a concerning aging trend going on that will need a look to the youth. While the result was more than frustrating, the thought of improving the squad isn’t. And in a series where the likes of Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Messi etc have a place, there’s no better place to start than in PES.


The end.

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