Max Payne 3 Official Site Launches


Rockstar Games have released the official website for their upcoming game, Max Payne 3.

The website comes packed with the first of a series of a new interactive series which focus on the weapons of Max Payne 3. First to get special attention is the 608 Bull revolver. This weapon is a large frame handgun which packs eight rounds of staggering firepower and can be shot very accurately over short distances.

The website all provides a new gameplay video of the 608 in action. New screenshots and 360-degree renders of the gun can also be seen. A view of it broken down by its individually modeled components is also available.

If all that content isn’t enough, you can view first details on one of the most vicious cartels in Max Payne 3, the Commando Sombra.

The website can be be found here: The Official Max Payne 3 Website. Let us know your thoughts on this epic site via the comment section below.

Max Payne 3 is set to launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 15th in North America and May 18th internationally. The PC version will be released on May 29th in North America and June 1st internationally.

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