Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Out Now


Rockstar Games have announced that the Painful Memories DLC is now available for Max Payne 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 costing 800 Microsoft Points/£7.29.

The DLC is free for those who own the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass and the pass is available for 2400 Microsoft Points/£19.99. The DLC includes:

New Maps: Canal De Panama, Marty’s Bar, Roscoe Street Subway & Shoot First:

These maps hark back to Max’s blood-stained past, including the subway station from the original Max Payne, a new Hoboken-based location that contains the full layout from Marty’s Bar and the surrounding areas and two new maps from the Panama chapter with an all new Gang Wars scenario.

New Avatar Factions: De Marcos Abroad & United Souls of the People

Members of the ruthless De Marco crime family (featuring the faces of the four lucky Social Club members from our DLC Casting Event and the vicious Panamanian paramilitary group The United Souls of The People.

New WeaponsUAR-21 Assault Rifle + Suppressor & Red Dot Sight/IMG 5.56 Assault Rifle + Red Dot Sight

The standard military issue UAR-21 is durable, lightweight and can withstand any urban combat scenario. The rapid-fire release will increase your mobility while still providing you with the accuracy to cover the distance of the sprawling new maps. The IMG 5.56 can squeeze of 45 rounds at a clip and is even more accurate than an AK-47. Throw in its use by military and police around the world and this is a no-brainer upgrade for your current Assault Rifle Loadout.

New Burst: Hangover

  • Level 1: Enemies will spawn with Camera Blur, 80% Health and 75% Stamina
  • Level 2: Enemies will spawn with Camera Blur, 60% Health and 25% Stamina
  • Level 3: Enemies will spawn with Camera Blur, 40% Health and 0% Stamina

New Items:

  • Calculator: This turns players assists into kill stats and pads their kill stats by earning one kill for every two assists that they tally.
  • Betting Slip: Each time one of your teammates logs a successful kill you will add funds to your coffers.
  • Hip Flask: This protects you from sniper fire and stops all effects of the Hangover Burst. Each time you spawn you’ll be protected from a single round from an enemy’s sniper rifle.

Once you have got the DLC, be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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