Medal of Honor will not be a Bad Company 2 multiplayer clone insists DICE


With DICE developing the multiplayer side of Medal of Honor, many thought that the multiplayer side of the game would be a carbon copy of what DICE had done with another title they worked on, Battlefield Bad Company 2 but according to games producer, Gordon van Dyke this won’t be the case at all. He told IGN it will not be a clone of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it would be its own version of multiplayer –

“No. Absolutely not. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, [but] people shouldn’t expect a clone of Bad Company 2 for Medal of Honor’s multiplayer.”

He clarified further: “It’s just like if you went and saw one action move and then another one came out that year, you’re not gonna say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to go see that one.’ If it was the same director, maybe you’d want to go see that other one even more.

“I think it’s more like it’s good for all of us, because Medal of Honor’s a cool franchise, it gives us the ability to express ourselves through multiplayer in a bit of a different way.”

Medal of Honor is scheduled for a Q4 2010 release.

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