Mega Man Legacy Collection Review


I remember playing Mega Man as a child with so much fondness, even if the memories I have are a little vague. It was always a game I enjoyed but one I never owned. Come to think of it, I don’t know how I did manage to play! Regardless, as the years went on, my Mega Man experiences continued through emulators on the PC and iOS. Needless to say, when I got the chance to play the Mega Man Legacy Collection, I was very excited about reliving fond memories and revisiting what is such an iconic franchise. Good thing then that the collection is a good one…

Game: Mega Man Legacy Collection
Developer: Digital Eclipse Software
Publisher: Capcom
Reviewed on:

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One of the best things about this collection is how the developers have applied a modern touch to the visuals. All six Mega Man games are presented in their 8-bit glory, but with brighter and more vibrant colours. There was never the need for a complete overhaul, but a refreshed and brightened colour palette really helps the collection. On the audio front, if you’re a Megan Man veteran, the soundtrack is just as fun and catchy as before.

Gameplay wise each game in the collection is fluid, responsive and extremely challenging. Just as I remember! I was surprised by how much I initially struggled with getting through each stage, but once I got used to the mechanics again I was okay. Well, kind of. Each game seems simple enough, yet in reality it’s anything but that. It’s fair to say I spent a lot of time restarting most of the levels! It was actually as nice surprise as I was expecting to breeze through each game. Instead every stage forced me to re-evaluate my own strategies and ideas around navigating the Mega Man games. Speaking of navigation, the control system remains a case of easy to pick but tough to master. You’ll only ever find your self using three buttons (one to jump and two to fire your weapon), but it’s how you use them later on that really matters.

Much like the core gameplay, the majority of the games in the collection stay very close to their original counterparts that were released years ago. The main changes are focused around a new Challenge Mode and some archived museum-esque facts/information about Mega Man. Let’s face it though, no-one is going to play these games hoping for new content. It’s all about the classic Mega Man gameplay here, untouched, and that’s exactly what you get. Six brilliant, reto games offering just as much fun as the last one.

Honestly, apart from that, there’s not much else to say. These are games that have been out in the wild for years. There are very few negatives, but if I was pushed I’d say that maybe the games are a bit too hard for newcomers and even returning players (I really did struggle). Extensive time with the games will help improve your skills, so it’s a minor gripe in the grand scheme of things. Just put the time in and you’ll be okay.


If you have never played a game in the series before, the Mega Man Legacy Collection is the best way to get started. For Mega Man veterans, this bundle is a fantastic reminder of six excellent games. If you have even the slightest interest in retro games, don’t hesitate to pick up Mega Man Legacy Collection. Six game that will help you relive some brilliant memories or create new ones!


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