Metro: Last Light Fan Designed Weapon Gets Created In-Game


You never know when your design may make it into one of your favorite games, which was what one lucky fan got when his weapon design was created in Metro: Last Light by developer 4A Games.

The designer was Alexandre Bannwarth, a 1st year design student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand who came up with a design for the Multi Barreled Bicycle Shotgun. It is available in the latest ‘Developer’ pack DLC.

He submitted his design in a ‘Design a Weapon’ competition which was set up by gaming website Games noticed his design and led by Andre ‘Prof’ Prokhorov (an engineer by training who personally designed most of Metro: Last Light’s unique handmade arsenal) have, with Alexandre’s permission, put his weapon in the game.

The weapon is made from reclaimed bicycle parts and, like all of Metro’s handmade weapons, is based on sound mechanical principles that mean it could conceivably function in the ‘real’ world.

Huw Beynon, Global Brand Manager for Metro: Last Light at Deep Silver, the game’s publisher stated:

When we saw Alexandre’s winning design, and GamePlanet’s mock challenge to 4A Games we knew we had to try and make this happen, 4A Games spent many hours making this design a reality, with all the care and dedication they afforded their own designs.

Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director and co-founder at 4A Games added:

Alexandre’s concept for the Bicycle Shotgun was the perfect blueprint for our weapon designers. When we first saw his design, we immediately saw the potential – it is a fitting addition to the Metro arsenal, and the team enjoyed the challenge of bringing it to life it in-game.

Let us know your thoughts and if you ever design your own video game stuff via the comment section below.

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