MGS V: The Phantom Pain Limited Edition PS4 Coming To Europe


Metal Gear fans, rejoice! The previously Japan/Asia only limited edition MGS V: The Phantom Pain PS4 is coming to Europe. Woohoo!

It all comes courtesy of a “special agreement” between Konami and Sony Europe. That and thousands of fan requests I imagine. Either way, here is the official word from Konami.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced it’s highly anticipated METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN title will be the subject of a Limited Edition PlayStation®4 Console Bundle on September 1st.

A special agreement between KONAMI and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the branded console will be released concurrently with METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. The bundle will include the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system with 500GB hard disk drive (HDD) and the Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4), both in their special METAL GEAR SOLID V design, and the METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN DAY 1 EDITION software title for PS4™. The bundle will be available in a limited quantity.

The PS4 system included in the bundle comes in a special deep red colour with gold line detail, inspired by the look of Snake’s ‘Bionic Arm’ in the game. The DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller is a metallic grey colour, resembling the handgun held by Snake. Both the PS4 system and the DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller feature the unit emblem of Diamond Dogs, a private military initiative led by Snake. The product also includes a METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN special theme for PS4™.

As expected the bundle will limited, so keep an eye out for details on how much it will be and where you can buy it from. If you’re in the UK, I’m guessing around £370 and a GAME exclusive. Let’s wait and see.

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