MGS4 Team Starting Work on Rising


The team behind the PlayStation 3 masterpiece that is Metal Gear Solid 4, have commenced work on the next console installment of the Metal Gear Solid Series, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. This was conformed in the latest Kojima Productions Podcast which you can listen to here. The team are now finishing up Peace Walker for the PSP and are now getting to work on Rising:

“Every once in a while we do this [move around]…as one project finishes, then the next project starts up, so the key people have to relocate. Peace Walker’s winding down so Rising is winding up, so people have got to move around…”

 Although we dont know much about Rising, we are almost sure that Raiden is the main protagonist in the game, he is the only face of the game so far and Kojima stated on many occasions that MGS4 was the last game featuring the gaming icon that is Solid Snake, even though Rising still consist of the the preceeding MGSabbreviation. Considering the reception MGS 2 received as a result of Raiden being the main character, Konami are taking a somewhat risk again with Rising. Fans have already expressed their disappointment at this, and also the fact that the MGS Series was no longer a PlayStation Exclusive. Konami have also stated that Rising will attract new fans with its more action oriented approach. Another aspect that has the hardcore MGS fans worrying. Either way, it is way too early to make any judgments, as unsure as most of us MGS fans are about Rising, we will have to remind ourselves that this is still a MGS game and with the MGS4 team working on it, it is very likely be a great game. Time will tell.

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