Michael Jackson: The Experience HD Review


Game: Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Reviewed on:

Essentially a re-release of the recent iPad version, Michael Jackson: The Experience HD isn’t a title you’ll rush out to pick up to play on your newly acquired Vita. Whilst it makes good use of the system’s touch screen, asking you to perform taps, swipes and flicks in time to the King of Pop’s music, it’s severely lacking in the content department.

You have 15 songs to work with, including classics such as Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal and Thriller, but you’re only really given one mode to get into your MJ groove. Trying to master the objective based challenges and completing each song on the game’s three difficulty settings adds to the longevity a little, but it’s hard to imagine anyone spending more than a couple of hours sampling what the title has to offer. There’s even an ad-hoc multiplayer mode in which you can battle a nearby player, but the limited content puts a slight dampener on that too.

Despite the game not pushing the Vita to its limits, it does display some nice visual touches. The in-game graphics are nice and colourful, representing each song well, and the short cutscenes (especially the Thriller one) are always fun to watch.

Unless you’re a massive fan, Michael Jackson: The Experience HD on the Vita is a title that is probably best avoided. That point is reinforced further when you can purchase the iPad and home console versions at a much cheaper price, especially with the latter titles offering full-on dance modes.


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