Microsoft finally announce Xbox mouse and keyboard support


Xbox and Razer partnership

Microsoft have announced, today, that the Xbox will finally be supporting keyboard and mouse by the end of the year. The addition of keyboard and mouse support will allow developers to use it should they choose, dependant on their game. It won’t, however, be a retroactive update so older games will need to be patched should their developers want them to support keyboard and mouse.

It was stressed that the choice for support would be down the developers and that Microsoft are fully aware of advantages/disadvantges, particularly in FPS titles. They’re relying on developers to make the right choice for their games and, hopefully, we’ll see developers favouring peripheral matchmaking if they do decide to push keyboard and mouse. No one wants to come up against a k&m player whilst wielding a controller.

It will be interesting to see whether we’ll get our hands on games such as Age of Empires for Xbox now that it offers this support. Other titles such as Planet Coaster and Two Point Hospital could also benefit from this news.

It was also announced that Microsoft has partnered with Razer to create licensed hardware for the console. No specifics were given other than to key an eye out for XO in November where more details will be given.

Members of the Xbox Insider Program will be able to trial keyboard and mouse in the coming weeks with Warframe.

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