Microsoft Launch 'The One Campaign'


Microsoft invite you to take part in a series of challenges in a new competition titled ‘The One Campaign’.

Players will need to put their skills to the test as five of Britain’s biggest YouTube stars have designed the challenges based on their favourite Xbox One games, and have laid down the gauntlet for gamers to submit their best clips via Upload. Long range scorchers in FIFA 14, brilliant kills in Titanfall, compete in challenges in order to get the chance to win some fantastic prizes. The competition ends on May 2nd, 11:59pm

How do I take part we hear you ask? Simply pick the challenge that suits their gaming style and take their best shot, using “Xbox, Record That” to save their most impressive clip. Simply submit the clip to Upload with the corresponding tag and check back next month to see if you have been crowned ‘The One’ The challenges are as follows:

The One at Most Creative Zombie Kills

Tag: ‘TheOneZombie’

JudgeDan Bull

Game: Dead Rising 3

There are literally hordes of zombies in Dead Rising 3 and the list of ways to take them out are almost endless. Show Dan your most creative zombie kills!

The One at Screamers

Tag: ‘TheOneScreamer’


Game: FIFA 14

Everybody loves a screamer and by that we mean a goal so huge and powerful that it makes your friends call you ‘Sir Screamer’ for the rest of the night. Show TWiiNSANE your best long ranged goal!

The One at Melee Maniac

Tag: ‘TheOneMelee’


Game: Titanfall

Sometimes there isn’t a better feeling than sneaking up behind an enemy pilot, gracefully pressing the right thumb stick down and cancelling his burn card with a grab of his helmet or a kick to the face. Impress JayEx23 by showing him your best melee!

The One at Extinction

Tag: ‘TheOneExtinction’


Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts

If blasting Cryptids in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction is your kind of game, then brush up on your skills and show MrDalekJD your most creative, deadly or just out right hilarious Extinction gameplay!

The One at Sniping

Tag: ‘TheOneSniping’


Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Are you deadly with a sniper rifle from any distance? Master of the no scope? Hold your breath and show the King of CoD, Vikkstar123!

Let us know if you will be taking part via the comment section below.

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