Microsoft Reiterates Xbox LIVE "Has Not Been Hacked"


Microsoft has today, once again, come out and stated that Xbox LIVE has not been hacked.

The latest statement comes after The Sun newspaper today claimed that Microsoft were “covering up” hacks on the Xbox LIVE service.

A Microsoft spokesperson stated the following:

“As we commented on Tuesday, the Xbox LIVE service has not been hacked. However, we are investigating a number of recent customer complaints relating to Xbox LIVE customer service – particularly in the way that we have processed refunds to customers that have been victims of phishing related fraud.

“Consequently, we are taking several steps to address and resolve these particular issues as soon as possible and working closely with our affected customers to investigate and resolve any unauthorized charges made to their accounts resulting from recent phishing scams.

“Finally we would like to apologise to any customers who have not experienced a good service from us.”

If you’ve been keeping up with this mini-saga, then you’ll know that earlier this week, The Sun ran a front page story that implied “thousands” of Xbox LIVE accounts had been “hacked”, resulting in “millions of pounds” being stolen.

As you’d expect, Microsoft responded to this, stating Xbox LIVE had not been hacked, and affected members were victims of “malicious ‘phishing’ scams”.

It would appear Microsoft are indeed correct, and Xbox LIVE has not been hacked. If the service was hacked, we very much doubt Microsoft would be covering it up. The people whose accounts have been affected, have been victims of phishing scams, which doesn’t really have anything to do with the security of Xbox LIVE itself. However, even with that in mind, Microsoft are investigating affected accounts, and issuing refunds.

Has your Xbox LIVE account been affected by these recent phishing scams? Do you know anyone that has been a victim? Be sure to let us know via the comments section below.

Source: CVG

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