Microsoft: Xbox 360 Has 'More Than 2 Years Left'


Although there are continuing rumors of a next-generation Xbox coming soon, Microsoft have said that the Xbox 360 still has more than 2 years left.

Speaking to GameSpot, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer stated:

“Right now the Xbox 360 is really healthy and it’s doing incredibly well, I think the 360 has a lot more than two years [left]. It has legs for a long time. The nice thing about the Xbox 360 right now is – if you look – we’re the number one console globally. We’re able to bring in new content and still support the best of the core games. It’s a platform that has really reached scale; this is the time when you really see the great content showing up. The future in a lot of ways is always tomorrow: [things like] the SmartGlass technology and Windows 8 [show that] things are going to constantly evolve.“

What do you think? E3 surely showed off some fantastic games for the Xbox 360 which proved there is still plenty of life in the old machine yet!. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: MCV

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