'Midnight Purple' Nintendo 3DS Coming May 20th


Nintendo of America has confirmed that a Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS will launch in the US on May 20th.

Over the weekend, a placeholder on the US retailer, Sam’s Club website hinted that Nintendo would be releasing another colour to add to its 3DS range very soon alongside Aqua Blue, Cosmo Black, Flame Red, Pearl Pink, Ice White and Cobalt Blue colour combinations and today, Nintendo of America confirmed that this was indeed the case with the new handheld colour combo being announced to launch alongside Mario Tennis Open in North America separately on May 20th for $170. Unfortunately for those of us in Europe and other territories, the new ‘Midnight Purple’ hardware has, at present only been officially announced for release in the US but its very likely that other parts of the world will receive this new colour variation in the future. Check out the pictures below.


Source: Gameinformer.

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