Minecraft Earth is out now in the UK!


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Minecraft Earth is finally here (UK) on iOS (10+) and Android (8+) meaning you can now mine and craft in the real world via your AR-capable device.

Pokémon Go popularised AR gaming for the masses and made a shit ton of cash as a result. Microsoft fancied a slice of that pie so they too have jumped into the AR scene with Minecraft Earth. Minecraft Earth lets you play Minecraft in the real-world via your iOS and/or Android device making use of AR to build, explore, find stuff and play with friends.

In Minecraft Earth, you’ll be walking around IRL to get stuff (mobs, building items) to create your own little Minecraft constructions which can then be shared with friends by literally inviting them over to see your massive blocky cock. It’s not only the building aspect that’s part of Minecraft Earth, though, as exploration (again, with friends) is also present allowing you to delve into crypts and fight dreaded Creepers.

Minecraft Earth looks very similar to Pokémon Go and heck, Niantic may have even had a hand in developing the game for Microsoft. A good journalist would look into this but I’ve only got a few minutes left of my lunch break. It’s free to play but that obviously means in-app purchases are present. These take the shape of in-game currency in the flavour of Minecoins and Rubies. I’ve yet to play Minecraft Earth so whether these in-app purchases are crammed down your throat like some horrific foie gras fattening practice is yet to be seen but rest assured that I’ll be bitching about it on Twitter if it is.

You can download Minecraft Eart at either of the links below:

Minecraft Earth iOS

Minecraft Earth Android

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