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Mirror Football Interview The Ox On FIFA 13


As we all know Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain along with Joe Hart and Leo Messi are on the UK cover of FIFA 13 and John Cross (Mirror Football) grabbed the man himself for an interview about his new role and his first year in the top flight.

All of the FIFA 13 stuff is at the top but here’s a snippet to whet the appetite.

“It’s mad really, for me. Obviously, growing up every lad plays FIFA – even if you’re not much of a football fan, at some point you will play FIFA. You’re always seeing the players on the front and they almost become a symbol for a game like that and for football. I think I remember whether it be Zidane who I saw on the front, Messi, – they stick in your mind. So to be one of those players on the front of the cover is a massive honour for myself and one I’m really proud of.”

It’s a good interview and well worth a look, although Arsenal fans may want to miss out the Alex Song and RVP questioning.

Good cover star choice?

Source: Mirror Football

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