MLB 10: The Show Trailer revealed


Im not sure if many have played the MLB: The Show titles on the PS3 but i was one of those people that decided to import it from the US due to the fact that its not released in Europe. I had heard good things about it and i wanted to try something different after being disappointed with the likes of PES and Fifa. I imported last years version, MLB 09: The Show and at first i tried the demo and i was amazed at how damn good it was. Graphically stunning and the control system and the tactics side of the game didnt put me off and i was wondering if they would before i played the game but they didnt thank god. Once i recieved the game from across the pond, i was hooked! Sony really have done a fantastic job with the MLB: The Show series and if you want to try another sport on your PS3, PSP or PS2 or you love Baseball but have never imported any from the series, then this will be the game for you.

Anyway, check out the commercial trailer for MLB 10: The Show below –

If you fancy importing the title from North America, MLB 10: The Show is released on March 2nd on PSP, PS2 and Playstation 3.

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