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MLS All Stars – Unlockable In FIFA 13


Chelsea play the MLS All Stars today as part of their Pre-Season Tour and EA have used the opportunity to announce the inclusion of the All Stars in FIFA 13.

The announcement included a simulation of the match in FIFA 13, which finished 2-2 (MLS went on to win on penalties).

They’ll be unlockable through the EASFC Catalogue and require you to be at level 14  before you can purchase them but given that your level and XP carry over from FIFA 12, I imagine most of you guys will be able to unlock them from the start. Looking at the accompanying screenshot you can see that they cost 750 EASFCC which is less than half of the XP/EASFCC you could earn in a day.

There’s also a “Tell My Friends” button on the purchase with a Twatbook logo not too far away, so it’s possible that the ties to social sites will be a bit deeper this year. Fingers crossed it includes Twitter, I think.

So it looks like EASFC Catalogue is going to be pretty cool. There seems to be a fair bit of content in there and the current prices aren’t outrageous, we’ll have to wait and see what else gets revealed in the run up to release.



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