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Mo-Cap Photo Shoot And Gameplay Details Revealed!


As always, thanks to ThomasGOAL for the heads up!

Just released on the JEUXVIDEO website, there has been a full reveal on the motion capture session that took place a few days ago – together with extensive gameplay details!

For the full article here. Yes, it’s in french, but luckily for us Lami translated it for us using Google translater:


Lionel Messi and the first info!

We collected the first information on PES 2010 during a meeting with Lionel Messi. 

As for starting a new season full of promise, Konami has exclusively invited to meet with Lionel Messi the time of a motion capture session for PES 2010. Two days after his victory in the final of the Champions League against Manchester United, one of the best players in the world has thus lent to the practice of motion capture in an intimate setting at the center of Barcelona.

Through a combination riddled with sensors, Konami teams – came specially for the occasion – have accurately captured the movement of Argentine prodigy. Full window strikes, resumed fly, juggle, control oriented, so many parameters that are then included in the next PES 2010, due in the fall. Konami intends to intensify the motion capture sessions for the 2010 edition to bring a new dimension to the animation of the players. The event around the likely future Ballon d’Or was also an opportunity to meet with developers to discuss the prospects of this edition in 2010, tearing the first bits of information.

“We are conscious of having missed the first turn of the new generation consoles,” said a member of the development team. But today, Konami seems ready for the challenge to try to resume his throne: “The reorganization of the studio comes at the right time, when we are ready to enter into a new cycle.” The team “PES” has never been as consistent in terms of numbers. A department is allocated for each part of the game: animations up artificial intelligence, to the management strategies. To hear the developers, it is a process of long-term development, which begins this year with the arrival of a multitude of improvements. And if he is still waiting for a new graphics engine for this 2010 edition, Konami should still offer a much finer by increasing the number of details in the animation division.

“With the 2009 version, we have attempted to provide a balance to the level of artificial intelligence with a more pronounced using the computer, which actually posed problems in several situations, such as unwanted obstacles. We reworked all that recognizes one of the developers present. Artificial intelligence, a point that seems particularly insist Konami, should receive special care. So concretely, what can we expect in the field? “The players will be more responsive in taking account of relevant statistics for each, for example, passes, strikes, the dribbles, the accuracy of obstacles.” If PES 2009 had clearly opted for the solution offensive, it seems that developers are working this year to strengthen the defense. “I tell you, it will be more difficult to score goals in PES 2010! “Warned Konami.

This should lead to a concentration on the zone defense more rigorous in the placement of the rear. The goal is to find this time the balance attack / defense, which was not the case in the 2009 version. NEW also in training and strategies with the ability to create combinations of specific sequences, such as kicks. Remains to be seen how it will manage to integrate into the gameplay. Even if Konami tries to keep his game accessible PES 2010 should include more opportunities for manual football fans.

Finally, remember that PES 2010 will bring even more surprises to be unveiled in the coming weeks … From our side, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow to see the first trailer!


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