Mobile Content Revenue Set to Rise


A new report by Juniper has stated that Mobile content revenue expected to increase by nearly $25bn over the next three years, reaching $65bn by 2016.

This will be down to an upsurge of  game, video and eBook purchases via tablet devices, allied to increased opportunity for content monetisation via DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) on smartphones.

Juniper state that  eBooks currently comprise the largest revenue stream on tablets, with eReader applications such as Amazon, Nook and Kobo proving as popular as the respective eReader devices. However, tablets are experiencing a sharp increase in both paid and free video applications, while consumer gaming spend is expected to migrate to tablets from dedicated portable gaming devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PS Vita.

The reports auditor Dr Windsor Holden states that storefronts such as Google Play and BlackBerry App World are increasingly employing direct carrier billing as a complementary monetisation mechanism bringing in much more revenue in the future.

The report also came out with other key findings such as:

  • Music and video now account for nearly half of all mobile content revenues, although the increased video traffic has implications for mobile network capacity.
  • The convergence of the gaming and the social networking spaces has been one of the major drivers behind the post-download monetisation opportunity.

Let us know your thoughts and if you think mobile gaming will dominate more and more via the comment section below.

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