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It has been a while since our last mobile game review and now we are back with a fun title in the form of Monkey Slam. As most will know, there are tons of fun mobile games available on the iOS App Store at very reasonable prices and Monkey slam is defiantly one of those titles that fall into that bracket.

The aim of the game in Monkey Slam is quite simple. You have to guide a monkey from the bottom of the screen by launching him into the air using your selected devices touchscreen. The aim of each level is to have your monkey smash all the blocks apart and collecting the falling fruit which you get for smashing up the said blocks. Once the monkey is flung into the air, he bounces around collecting jewels, stars and various other niceties as well which adds to your final level score once you have completed the level. Its not just about collecting score-based items though as you have to make sure that you keep your monkey from hitting the bottom of the screen by controlling a baboon by touching the touchscreen left or right. The controls are so simple and there is no over complicating things here. Tough the screen to launch the monkey, left and right to control the baboon and by pressing on sections of the screen when you need to activate a bomb or use your bananas. Thats it.

The game starts off very simple with the first few levels being very self explanatory without you coming across any problems at all. The further you progress though, the harder each level becomes with various new obstacles appearing that includes anvils and spinning spikes that you need to avoid. The game awards you throughout with a various amount of powerups. First off, you have a selected amount of bananas that can be used at any point during play (as long as you have some available) to clear levels quickly. These bananas help as they join your monkey flying through the air and anything they touch (just like the monkey), will help you collect powerups, smash the blocks or collect over items to add to your level score. Another item that will help you during each level is the ability to use a bomb to explode anything that’s in proximity to the bomb when you press on the screen to start it and again, like the bananas, this will help clear levels quicker. If you run out of bananas, you can buy more through the in-game purchases if needs be. One issue I have is that for some more casual gamers and younger audiences, it may come to a point later on in the game that you may need to buy more and to have to do this without any other option but in all reality, most players will be able to finish the game without having to buy more.

As well as the standard blocks that need to be cleared from a level, some levels include exploding blocks which will destroy much more and quicker when they are activated by hitting them. Once any block is destroyed, it will turn into fruit, which will drop from the sky for your user-controlled baboon to collect. As well as this, other rewards will come into play the more you progress that includes super size powerups, score multipliers and treble powerups which will throw 3 monkeys into the mix that will help you clear levels much quicker. Be warned though as it can be a task trying to keep all three monkeys in the game and before you know it, you’re down to just the one stand-alone monkey.

Monkey Slam has plenty on offer with 64 levels spread across 4 worlds (Monkey Reef, Far East, Jungle Island and Space World) that you can get stuck into and with each level giving you access to complete each one with a maximum of three stars, it will take you a while to complete each one with three stars. Those that have played any of the Angry Birds titles will know that it takes time and dedication to complete each level with three stars. Another plus is that its likely that new worlds will be added through updates during the games lifespan so that will indeed keep the game feeling fresh and new.

One stand out feature of Monkey Slam is its looks. Very simplistic it may be, but that doest matter as the game is all about fun and it ties in with it superbly. The presentation throughout the whole experience is superb with its bright, colourful and clean look for both the environments and also the on-screen characters as well.

If you want a title that is fun, easy to pick up and gameplay that will keep you occupied for a good dedicated amount of time, then Monkey Slam is a title that you should check out. With the iOS App store being awash with fun titles, this is one of the best out there right now.



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