Modern Warfare 3 Content Season Detailed


Activision has today announced a nine month schedule of Modern Warfare 3 content, which will be available to Call of Duty Elite premium members first.

Kicking off on January 24th for Xbox LIVE users, the “Modern Warfare 3 Content Season” for Elite premium members will include brand new multiplayer maps, Special Ops Missions, new game modes and a whole lot more. Activision has stated the updates will be regular, and will total up to “at least 20 content drops”.

If you’re Modern Warfare 3 player on the PlayStation 3 or PC (Elite premium subscriber or not), no need to worry, as the content will come to those particular platforms at a later date.

The first two content drops will be multiplayer maps, that will also be playable in the Survival Mode. Liberation, set in Central Park, is a map that the snipers amongst you are sure to love, as the design encourages long-range exchanges between players. Piazza, set in an Italian seaside village, is the exact opposite, with its tight corners and branching pathways favouring close-combat.

Content drop number three will be available for download in mid-February and two additional Content Drops will go live in March, as premium Elite premium members will receive new content once a month between now and September. To add to that, in March, the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection will be available for purchase by the entire Modern Warfare 3 community on Xbox LIVE.

To celebrate the launch of each new content drop, Call of Duty Elite will run specialised events for real-world prizes throughout the nine-month Season. Additional details about the Modern Warfare 3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite and Collection series will be announced throughout the year.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing had this to say:

“The mammoth launch of Modern Warfare 3 and the breakout success of Call of Duty Elite were just the beginning. Call of Duty Elite provides an ?always-on’ connection to our fanbase, and the MW3 Content Season is the ultimate way to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the Call of Duty community and provide tremendous value to Call of Duty Elite premium members. With the Call of Duty®: MW3 Content Season for Call of Duty Elite we are delivering on our promise of more new content, more often, and with more variety than ever. With three studios collaborating on the first season, the breadth and depth of material on tap is truly extraordinary. It’s rare you can successfully execute both quantity and quality, but thanks to the expertise of our developers, the reach of Call of Duty Elite and the passion of our fans, we intend to deliver.”

That certainly is quite a bit of content, we’re sure you’ll agree. If you play Modern Warfare 3 regularly, then the Call of Duty Elite premium subscription is a bit of bargain, especially if Activision makes good on their promised of “at least 20 content drops” over nine months.


Are you a Call of Duty Elite premium member? Do you think you made the right decision? If you aren’t a premium member, does the announcement of the content schedule tempt you to sign up? Let us know via the comments section below.

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