ModNation Racers hits UK stores on May 21st


One title which looks like it could be a huge amount of fun is, ModNation Racers. Think Little Big Planet mixed with Mario Kart and thats pretty much what you get. Also add to the fact that the game has a limitless amount of superb customization options in the game and a great online mode, this could be a fav inside PS3’s for a very long time to come and the even better news is that Sony have confirmed the release date for the PS3 version to the guys over at and that exact date in the UK is May 21st!. Not long to go now before we can get our hands on the game then.

There is also a PSP version as we know but so far, the release date for that version of ModNation Racers is still classed as “TBC” according to Sony and the article posted on but expect some news on that soon I would expect.

Also yesterday, a US tv ad was posted featuring none other than the legend that is, Kevin Butler. Another very funny trailer from Sony!. Check it out below –

A big thanks to for the original article.

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