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Monday Kicks Of Week Of PES 2010 Goodness


Thats right, Monday. Not Wednesday when Gamescom starts – Monday 10am is when Konami are lifting the embargoes bestowed on press who have the latest code.

PESFan have posted about their plans for next week (read it by clicking here), and they seem to be starting the week very strongly. They plan a full on Q&A session at 10am, answering all questions the fans have been asking over the past week or so. Later in the week they’ll have some details from Seabass, along with a report detailing their master league experiences too.

WENB will be releasing info progressively throughout the week, but as expected we’re doing things a little differently. Right now we’ll be a tad secretive – but expect an exclusive, a ton of gameplay videos, new (really beautiful) screens AND a very informative podcast before the week is out.

There’s so much going on, it’s going to be very difficult for you all to keep up. We’ll space out the content the best we can, but as ever WENB will be acting as a portal for all PES news – so you better keep up!

More details on ‘PES 2010 Week’ in the coming days.

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