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Moore: EA Games Go Anywhere


That’s the vision of Peter Moore who has laid out his plans for the future of EA SPORTS titles as game makers everywhere face the challenges of disruption, transformation and digitalisation. In an incredibly interesting piece by Games Beat it’s very clear that EA SPORTS strategy is changing and “games that go anywhere” are right at the top of their agenda.

“The ultimate nirvana will be when the $60 price melts away and consumers start paying a continuous subscription fee for games that are regularly updated online. EA will be able to reward consumers for playing multiple games and link its games together.”

How before you all fly off the handle, there’s more…

The most interesting thing about the Games Beat piece is  the video (below) which seems to confirm the existence of FIFA 13, 14 and 15, the intended development of a FIFA Ultimate Team mobile app, a new EA SPORTS in-game reward structure and an interconnected online experience which will include all EA SPORTS titles…. Wow.


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