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Moore – On FIFA Ultimate Team Phishing Scams


EA COO Peter Moore has been talking once again about the phishing scams which have blighted FIFA Ultimate Team in recent times as well as discussing EA’s position in the market among their peers and EA’s customer service record.

But of course the bit you’re all interested in is the stuff related to FIFA so without further ado here’s Mr Moore….

“There are phishing scams that people will do where they will try to get Xbox Live or PlayStation Network passwords, and then for better or worse they will look at high activity games where digital currency is involved as targets to go after,”

“But that’s nothing to do with us. Once you’ve hacked somebody’s account then you go in. It’s like blaming the money for somebody robbing a bank. It’s not the money’s fault, it’s the bank’s fault.”

It’s an interesting point because if someone’s console has been compromised there isn’t a great deal EA can do about it until the hack has been reported but I’m sure you’ll all agree that the security measures that surround FUT itself and the way EA support handle things like password resets and accounts moves could be massively improved on.

I’m sure many of you experienced these difficulties last year so hit the comments and share your stories as well as what you think EA could, should, or can do to help improve the security of FUT.

Source: Eurogamer

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