More LA Noire Content On The Way?


Following the release of the final, announced piece of DLC for LA Noire, it has today been revealed that more content could well be on the way.

Rockstar Games, the publisher behind Team Bondi’s classy title, has told Kotaku that the game “isn’t complete yet”.

Before the release of LA Noire it was widely reported that entire desks had to be cut to keep the game down to a decent size. With that information in mind, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that this new content could cover the desks that were cut. On the other hand, Rockstar could just be referring to the release of more guns or snazzy outfits for the charming Mr Phelps.

Whatever this new content is, we doubt it will be anything like the Undead Nightmare DLC Rockstar released for Red Dead Redemption…or will it?!

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