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More PES 2010 iPhone/Touch Goodness


Crazy Alex has updated the blog, with talk of pizza, camera angles, and of course the soon to be released PES 2010 iPhone /iPod touch version. We also got to see the first gameplay screens too.

Click here for the full post.

Also on a side note, the release of WE Blue Samurai in Japan has proved to be quite successful. The PS3 version charted in no. 3, selling 67,000 copies. While thats a small number in respect to what us Europeans are used to, it’s a decent figure in Japan. Compare that to the 10,000 copies EA sold of the official WC game in the same country, it goes to show how strong the Winning Eleven brand remains in its own back yard.

Better news was that all the versions made the chart, with the PSP (no. 6), PS2 (no. 9) and Wii (no. 15) versions doing well too. Click here for the full chart.

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