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More PES2011 News Before E3? **UPDATED**


PES KINGS blog have posted that when they asked Konami’s PES European Team Leader Jon Murphy about the possibility of news before E3, it wasn’t ruled out by Mr. Aviators.

“@JonMurphy_PES Any idea when we can expect next batch of news. Or a ruff idea when the edit mode surprise will be announced

@PESKingsBlog Could be something before E3, but edit announcement isn’t due any time soon”

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Thanks to PES KINGS for the heads up on this.

With the competitors official unveiling today, Konami could do worse than to further whet the appetite of PES fans in the meantime with an extra snippet of news before next weeks industry uber-conference in Los Angeles.


Latest from Mr. Murphy!

@JonMurphy_PES New materials due this afternoon people

Wow! The wishes of the community don’t go unnoticed it seems!

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