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More Ultimate Team Mode News


Over at the Inside EA SPORTS blog, the producer of the upcoming Ultimate Team mode DLC for FIFA 09 has uploaded a little article on the biggest change in Ultimate Team since UEFA Champions League 06-07; online tournaments.

It makes an interesting read, with confirmation that there will be eighteen online tournaments (yes, you read that right; eighteen), along with stiff penalties for anyone who quits in the middle of a match. You can read Matt Prior’s entire post here.

We have also heard rumours that whether you purchase the DLC or not there will be a mandatory 1.3gb update to download on release day, which will add a “demo” of Ultimate Team to the game and add trophy support to the PS3 version. Ultimate Team will cost £7.99 GBP / $9.99 USD on the PlayStation Network, or 800 MSP on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Bargain!

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