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More Virtual Pro Info


Mike Takla, who has been working on this year’s Virtual Pro mode, has released a ton of new information on how it works via the EA forums. Thanks to dave797 for the heads-up!

To see it, click the read more button below.

The following is what determines your attributes:

1. Your position
2. Your build (size)
3. Accomplishments
4. Form

Your position and your build will set your attributes around 50-80.

Depending on the attribute, Accomplishments can increase these by 5-25 (depends on the attribute, ie. there is 5 Strength Points available, 10 Acceleration, 20 Passing, 25 Stamina).

Accomplishments will also unlock Traits such as Skilled Dribbling, Giant Throw, Flair – check out the screenshot in the blog [see the article below this one on the FIFA Soccer Blog main page].

Depending on the attribute, form can increase your attributes from 6-9 points.

I think the fastest Virtual Pro in the world, who will be someone with a build that allows them to reach this speed, will be 96, although he won’t be 96 every match, unless he’s very very good! And he also will never be able to be the strongest player out there, by quite a distance.

And a little bit more info, including store upgrades…

I don’t want to go into details, as [to be honest] I just don’t want to look up all the numbers right now, and think we should leave something to look forward to really!

Your Virtual Pro will start around 70 overall, it does slightly depend on the position and your build.

Through playing the game you can get him well into the 90s. I’m not 100% sure how high anyone can go but I think it’s very unlikely many players will get to an OR of 95 or above. Basically the best players in Clubs will have the same kind of attributes as the real players with top form in Live Season last year.

You’ll likely pick up rewards related to a specific position, so will become more suited to a position, but it is possible for someone to unlock Accomplishments in every position. But this does not mean they will become the perfect player. Say for example I complete all Defence Accomplishments and then change my player to a forward, yes I will have better tackling than another forward who has never played in defence but I won’t have better tackling than someone who is currently set as a defender.

I don’t want to talk about the “boosts” loads as I really don’t think it’s worth the continued discussion, but lets just say that if you play the game you can get into the 90s overall, boosts might help you get nearer and around the 80 mark, for a time as they are limited to a certain number of matches, but there will quickly become a time where it is not something that will interest anyone has been playing the game, as there player will have been improved through gameplay. They really are either a “help you get started” or a “catch up”, if people choose to use them.

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