Moss (PSVR) Review


This beauty takes PSVR by storm, like a MOSS.

Game: Moss
Developer: Polyarc
Publisher: Polyarc Inc
Reviewed on: PS4

Ah, Moss. Finally a game which completely justifies the extensive price tag on a PSVR system.
It just hits all the right notes you know? You’ll instantly lose yourself in the lush forests and with a beautiful music score to accompany it, it’s an instant PSVR classic. Let me explain.

The game begins with a pop-up book which narrates the story. It reveals beautifully designed characters and stunning environments which you’ll soon find yourself completely indulged in. The gameplay is a hybrid of 3D and side scrolling so there is plenty of variety of where Quill can explore. The entire game itself clocks in at just a few hours so while some players may find it a little short, I found it good value for money and completely lovable. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with Quill so fast.

So, you control both Quill and The Reader, The Reader being a whimsical guardian spirit who watches over Quill on her adventures after being transported into the world via the pop up book from the intro. While you control Quill with the analog sticks, you control The Reader with the headset and the PS4 controller and its motion controls. While Quill carries a magical stone which pushes the story forward, you as The Reader must use the controllers motion controls to pave the way for our little adventurer. Water wheel spinning too fast? You can slow it down. A collectible scroll up on the top levels? You can make way for Quill to collect them all, because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a game riddled with collectible items? It is a very clever game dynamic, and with complete 3D immersion via the headset, you really do feel like you’re in this lush vibrant world. Plus if you leave the controls dormant for long enough and look at Quill, she’ll give you a cute little wave, it’s absolutely adorable.

This brings me on to the level design itself. It’s a complete 3D wrap around and even though it feels like the story is unfolding directly in front of you, you can still look around you and the levels just continue. The forests look vast and honestly never ending so you always feel immersed and like you’re in the most amazing magical pop up book there ever is. The sense of scale is remarkable as trees tower over you and fellow wildlife inspect your actions and because it’s all in complete 3D the sense and feel of depth is absolutely amazing.

As you can probably gather from my review so far I am completely in love with Moss. It’s fun, it’s immersive and has a absolutely remarkable soundtrack, it’s the whole package. Next up, the puzzles themselves, they are moderately varied throughout the game, some which you’ll find pretty simple and straight forward, some will be more challenging and will leave you feeling super rewarded with the ‘Tada’ moment as the environment all slides together perfectly. Like I’ve mentioned before above, sometimes you as The Reader will need to create new paths for Quill to continue her adventure or direct enemies to certain parts of the environment/pressure pads to eliminate them.

Audio is also very cute and subtle in game. With a score composed by Jason Graves (Until Dawn Composer) it’s absolutely gorgeous and really does make you feel immersed and not too overwhelmed, which given the magical whimsical atmosphere you’ve been thrown into, it’s nice to hear calm subtle music which helps guide the adventure and not be too distracted by it.


Ultimately Moss is incredible, which I know I’ve said time and time again throughout this review. (Sorry!) It’s just so lovely, you’ll want to wrap up in your favourite jumper or blanket and just be transported away to this beautiful setting. The whole game itself clocks in at just a few hours which it will leave you wanting more. Not a bad thing at all, but it feels like maybe a prequel to more of Quills story? Maybe this was just the first chapter and we’ll be getting some more soon? Who knows, but I really do hope that’s the case. In my opinion this is the game to have if you own a PSVR and like mentioned before completely justifies the pricey PSVR system. It makes fantastic use of the motion controls and the headset itself, there are slight limitations with the controls at times but nothing which takes away from the gameplay itself.



Ultimately Moss is incredible, which I know I've said time and time again throughout this review

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