MotoGP 14 Review


From my recent review of the 4-wheeled brilliance of GRID 2 by Codemasters, I enter the 2-wheeled Motorbike world of MotoGP with MotoGP 14. Unlike Codemasters, Milestone has decided to take the plunge and bring the MotoGP series onto next-gen consoles. What I know about the MotoGP scene, I could write on a postcard, but MotoGP 14 seemed to have this next-gen pull which urged me to put my helmet on and get right in!. Let’s dive right in shall we?

Game: MotoGP 14
Developer: Milestone
Publisher: PQube
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 (Big Thanks to PQube for providing us with a review copy)


Let’s face it, there is a lack of racing titles on next-gen consoles at the moment. Ok, you have Forza Motorsport 5, but that is exclusive to the Xbox One. MotoGP is the first known motorbike title that has made it’s way onto the next-gen consoles, and it was certainly worth the step up. Without being the most detailed title available for the PlayStation 4 at the moment, it certainly is a graphical upgrade from what we are used to on the last crop of consoles. There is disappointment in the wider range of visuals available however, with crowds looking rather flat and very unflattering. However, for Milestone’s first next-gen attempt, MotoGP 14 is greatly received.


This is a tough one to write, mainly because nothing really stood out to me or indeed impressed me sound wise. Everything you would expect to be in a game of this kind is included. Before a race, a commentator will details the track conditions etc, which is a nice touch, but again, nothing that you wouldn’t really expect to be in a game like this, let alone the official game of the MotoGP season.


The best way I can describe my time with MotoGP 14 in terms of the gameplay is this. It can be as hard as you like, or as easy as you like. That may sound quite a contradicting statement to make but it’s certainly true, thanks to the level of assistant Milestone have given you in MotoGP 14. Like myself, complete novices to the sport and MotoGP series overall will of course start with all the assistance levels at their highest. However, do not make the same mistake as me and take all those assistance levels for granted!. Let’s just say that even with all the assistance levels, you can still fall right on your face off the bike.

There is a learning curve, and a steep one at that, for the mechanics of the game. Each level assistance giving you more control of your bike. One thing I would of changed though, is that the game can be right forgiving. Driving off the track, in order to shortcut yourself onto the next bend etc, is all possible, and for a simulation of the sport, I had to say I didn’t find attractive at all, instead gave it a gimmicky ‘Mario Kart’ kinda feel to it . That’s not to say the entire game is forgiving however, as bumping up the difficulty will can really result in some brilliant, close races. I think the key to MotoGP 14, is that it truly eases players in. The key to this is the team including Moto 3 and Moto 2 as well as the superior MotoGP class. The bikes in the Moto 3 were certainly the ones that helped me settle into the game more, giving me more of an introduction into the world of motorbike racing.


One of MotoGP’s main attractions is the longevity that it offers, mainly down to the deep Career Mode that it offers out to players. The Career Mode sees you start right out at the bottom, in Moto 3, trying to attract teams along the way whilst also trying to achieve their objectives. You have control to your main computer (or hub, if you like) which gives you access to your team information as well as e-mails from your agent concerning new offers from better stated teams in the higher divisions. Of course, the aim is to eventually get to MotoGP, but let me tell you know, that is one hell of a task!. The Career Mode isn’t just the only thing that will pull players in, with plenty of challenges based on real life events in  the MotoGP season for you to try and beat, with some being simple than others. Throw in online, split-screen, grand prix, time-trials and more, MotoGP 14 aims to keep you busy right until the next installment arrives at your door.


MotoGP 14 caters for both novices, like me and complete hardcore veterans of the series. I enjoyed my time with the game, and certainly can see myself picking up MotoGP 15,  when Milestone decide to make it.  The developers have done well in bringing MotoGP to next-gen systems, with the overall mechanics of the game offering a fun, yet realistic approach to the world of MotoGP racing.


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