MotorStorm RC: Pro-Am Festival DLC Review


Game: MotorStorm RC: Pro-Am Festival DLC
Developer: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony
Reviewed on:

(PlayStation Vita version tested)

Costing a fraction of a fully-fledged retail title and providing hours upon hours of addictive gameplay, it’s fair to say MotorStorm RC took the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 by storm. Well, we certainly love it. Fast forward a couple of months and the first DLC pack entitled Pro-Am Festival has drifted into view, aiming to provide more enjoyable RC related gameplay.

The Pro-Am DLC features 16 new events , over four brand new circuits and eight new vehicles (including 16 new designs for each) and new trophies for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 versions. Festival mode houses the new tracks featured in the DLC, taking you to an indoor skating park that was previously abandoned until the MotorStorm RC crew turn up to cause havoc. With the whole ‘indoor skating park’ backdrop in place, some of the new tracks are very different when compared to the original MotorStorm RC content. You’ll encounter some insane corners and tricky obstacles including bumps, broken boxes, cracked concrete and leaking barrels. The new tracks are certainly challenging, but highly enjoyable at the same time. You’ll keep coming back for more, whether its to beat a previous time of your own or to topple a friend on the leaderboard.

Each new event features a good range of new race types, with anything from tearing around in a Big Rig on Jumps ‘n’ Bumps to drifting like a madman in a Rally Car on Grind Over Matter. In fact, it’s the event and vehicle combination within the Pro-Am DLC that gives MotorStorm RC a new lick of paint and a brand new learning curve that makes the game feel fresh again. Some tracks look easy enough at first glance, but when you are given a vehicle with slightly temperamental handling, it’s definitely not as easy as it initially looks. However, thanks to the game’s superb physics engine, this becomes more of a welcome challenge rather a frustration. The fun nature of of MotorStorm RC is still present within the Pro-Am DLC and just like its big brother, it retains that “just one more go” addictive feeling.

Just like MotorStorm RC, each event in the Pro-Am DLC rewards you a total of up to three medals depending on how well you perform. The more medals you receive, the more rewards you will gain, which includes new Pro-Am team liveries, colour schemes and, ultimately, new events being unlocked. It’s essentially more of the same with a slight twist, but as the the saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and that certainly applies here. Some might say the DLC is short, but once you delve into the new events, tracks and vehicles, you’ll be surprised how much you actually get for the price (£2.49/€2.99).


The MotorStorm RC Pro-Am DLC hits the spot brilliantly, adding more unique content that keeps an already fantastic downloadable title feel fresh. If you own MotorStorm RC for the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3 and you want to extend your experience at a very reasonable price, then you would be crazy to turn the Pro-Am DLC down.


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