Ms. Splosion Man Gets Dated


Yet another reason to love Twitter, the announcement of the date when we can all get our hands on Ms. Splosion Man. In a non-sexual way, of course.

A tweet via the official Twisted Pixel Twitter account revelead, “Ms. Splosion Man gets a release date of JULY 13th!! 3 weeks away til SPLODACALAFRAGILISTICEXPLODEALADOCIOUS!!!!”

Going by that tweet, it seems like the folks at Twisted Pixel are just as excited about the game as we are!


Ms. Splosion Man is currently going through a public testing phase which is due to end on June 26th. 10,000 lucky gamers are testing the online multiplayer side of the XBLA title and making sure it works as intended when it is released on July 13th. Let’s hope the testing pays off, as the online multiplayer in Splosion Man was almost unplayable!


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